RC Products

Blade 200 QX (BLH7780)
3lade 200 QX BNF with SAFE Technology
  • Three flight modes
  • High performance brushless motors
  • Internal LED illumination for night flight and orientation.
Blade Nano QX 3D (BLH7180)
Ultra Micro Aerobatic Quadcopter:
  • Fully-assembled
  • SAFE technology makes it easy to fly
  • Colorful LED lights for fun night fly
CHROMA Camera Drone (BLH8665)
Chroma Camera Drone with CG02 Camera
  • Captures smooth, steady video in 1080p
  • Easy to fly - no experience necessary
  • 30 minute flight times
UMX AS3X BNF Basic (EFLU5150)
E-flite UMX AS3Xtra with AS3X Technology
  • Multiple AS3X flight modes
  • Easy 3D flight due to AS3X 
  • Transmitter not included
Here are just a few of the great E-flite, and Blade products that I sell out of the hundreds that are available.  Not only do I sell these products but Crazy Boys' Toys and Creations also does minor repairs, assembly to most ARF and ready to fly products, but we also have flight training and everything except on a regular helicoptor.  
Prices are available upon request along with many answers to questions you may have about buying the first R/C product.  
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